USB 2.0 On Windows XP

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Subject: USB 2.0 On Windows XP

The rumors that Microsoft would not be supporting USB 2.0 under WinXP (and Win2K for that matter) appear to be false based on this accouncement by Microsoft.Snip:

Over the past two years, Microsoft has been working with industry partners on the USB 2.0 project. We are pleased to announce that USB 2.0 drivers will be available for Microsoft® Windows® XP through Windows Update early in 2002. USB 2.0 driver support for Windows 2000 is still under development, and will be available later in the first quarter of 2002.
What do those who already have USB 2.0 compliant devices and controllers do? Head on over to LittleWhiteDog and snag a copy of the USB 2.0 patch, while it's still there.

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