Summoner Patch v1.40

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Summoner Patch v1.40

There's a new patch out for Volition's RPG Summoner, bringing it up to version 1.40, weighing in at 1.6MB. The latest update fixes the following:

  • Fixed multiplayer bug where player would lose skill, hit, and ability points in the swamp exterior.
  • Tightened up multiplayer combat so that client side hits and chains work more accurately.
  • Tightened up mutiplayer combat so that monster should no longer stand in place and take combat hits from a player without fighting back.
  • Fixed multiplayer summon crashes (aka the blue imp crash).
  • Armor that is removed on a mutliplayer player is now properly registered across all machines. Before, a client could remove armor and it would only be noticable on that player's machine.
  • Weapon animations should now be playing correctly for all players and all weapon types.
  • Fixed mouse laziness on certain D3D cards.
  • The level limit restriction has been changed from 10 to 99.
  • Other various fixes.
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