Battlecruiser Millenium XP1 Update Info

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Subject: Battlecruiser Millenium XP1 Update Info

The official BCM website has been updated with news that the XP1 release for Battlecruiser Millennium is out of pre-production and into full development. This pack is scheduled for a Summer 2002 release and will include a slew of new enhancements and features. Here's a partial list on the new additions/enhancements:

Graphical Enhancements:

Brand new graphics kernel engine. Better lighting, shadows, reflection, pixel+vertex shaders etc.
Progressive scene LOD (should help with performance during massive fleet battles).
Support for texture compression.
Decals support for falling snow, rain, blood and objects impacting water while on terrain.
Decals support for progressive damage on units (multi-texturing).
Volumetric fogging (for during snow and rain storms).
Particle dust for units moving on terrain.
Skeleton animations for character models.
Implement planetary terrain grass, vegetation etc (already supported in the engine).
Support for volumetric space weather areas (nebulae, space storms etc).
This list has been cut short due to it's length, if you wanna see a full listing, head on over here.

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