Beefcake! No?! BeefQuake!

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Beefcake! No?! BeefQuake!

Still in the mood for some old Quake2 based mods? If so, the second public release of BeefQuake is now available for download. New features in this latest release include:

  • Based on Q2 3.21 source
  • RScript - Texture rendering scripts
  • Ability to use .cin cinematic files as textures
  • Vertex arrays in use in some areas of the renderer
  • Continuous frame export (dumps a screenshot every frame to /gamename/animdump)
  • GeForce3 enhanced water-warp (reverts to old waterwarp if texture shaders are not supported)
  • Texture Compression ('gl_ext_texture_compression 1' at the console, disabled by default)
  • Replaced missing texture image
  • JPEG image file support
  • Texture loading
  • Screenshots in JPEG format
  • Dismissed soldier!

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