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Don't know if this excites any of you as much as it does me, but there's a preview posted over at IGN Cube on the upcoming Metroid Prime being released for the Nintendo GameCube. An interesting factoid about this upcoming title is that Nintendo is not developing this game themselves, rather the development is by Texas-based Retro Studios. Included are screenshots and even a little movie showing what can be expected from this updated classic. If you own a GameCube, this looks to be one to buy for sure:

Metroid Prime is a first-person adventure. Most of the play takes place in a 3D first-person view a la GoldenEye 007, Turok or Perfect Dark. Retro has taken the style one step further by incorporating a visor view so that players feel as if they are looking directly out of Samus' helmet. To this degree, the view is angled and riddled with various energy and weapon bars, not to mention a centered target circle and more. It's all very futuristic, stylized and likewise very on par with what one might imagine Samus sees. It's clear that Retro's artists are very talented. But the programming team is no slouch either -- footage of Metroid Prime shows off some silky smooth 60 frames per second action.
At long last, a follow-up to the age-old-classic Metroid!
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