Counter-Strike v1.4 Details

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Subject: Counter-Strike v1.4 Details

The gents over at CS-Nation have posted some new information on the upcoming version 1.4 release of Counter-Strike (if you don't know what that is, go back under the rock from which you came). Here's what's coming in the new release:

Had a chance to play with the 1.4 Beta, and it's got some pretty cool new additions so far. The bodies now STAY when shot for the duration of the round. Bunny hopping has been removed completly by causing a player to move really really slow when the jump continuously. At first every time you jump it made you slow/stagger for a sec, but Valve apparently has that fixed and will be upgrading it for us soon (not true, the fix was a laggy feeling. slow landing remains -rizzuh). Lastly, they have integrated the spec cam and 1st person view into the dead viewing options which is really cool, and have drastically FIXED the hitboxes to I'd say 95% accuracy now. (Still a small one by the head they are working on)
I'd be happy to see a reduction in hacks that people can use, the game has become so boring due to this. (Ooh, headshot through the wall, thanks!)
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