Gateway Joins EverQuest

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Subject: Gateway Joins EverQuest

According to this article at C|Net News, it appears that computer manufacturer Gateway has allied itself with both Sony Online Entertainment and their massively multiplayer role-playing game Everquest and Intel to sell computer systems optimized EverQuest gameplay. When customers buy one of the two "EverQuest" packages, they also receive several months of free playtime. Snip:

Under the promotion, customers who buy a Gateway PC with an Intel Pentium 4 processor and one of two versions of packaged "EverQuest" software will receive several months of free access to the game's online service. "EverQuest" players pay monthly subscription fees of about $10 to access the game's online world. The promotion makes more than marketing sense, as the newest version of the fantasy role-playing game is one of the most resource-intensive pieces of commercial software yet released.

For "EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin" to run at its peak performance, Sony recommends a PC with at least 512MB of memory, a Pentium III chip and a graphics card with 32MB of memory. To reach those standards, Gateway customers must pay more than $1,000 for a custom-configured PC.
Best Buy starts selling Alienware, Gateway starts selling EverQuest, it's a sign of the end of the world I tell 'ya!

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