Another Diablo II Exploit Bites The Dust

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Subject: Another Diablo II Exploit Bites The Dust

Blizzard's Network Status Page has been updated with word that the team has identified and fixed the recent item duplication exploit that had been causing massive amounts of lag for honest players during play. As a result of the massive duplication hacks, the Diablo II realms are experiencing stability issues. Blizzard will be working to restore realm stability as soon as possible.Snip:

The latest item duplication exploit that occurred over the last several days has been stopped. The lag that has been seen over the last several days on the Diablo II realms was a result of the massive user duplication efforts.

Currently Diablo II realms are very unstable due to the effects of duplicate items upon the servers. We are working to fix this instability as quickly as possible. Also, we have fixed crashes involving Druids wearing items totaling +13 to all skills, and a bug with +20 to wereform when switched to that wereform.
I've never minded the fact that people will always try to cheat, but the fact that in this case it interfered with those who choose not to just sucks!

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