Aces High 1.08 Patch 7

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Subject: Aces High 1.08 Patch 7

According to this announcement in the Aces High BBS, the folks over at HiTech Creationshave made Patch 7 for Aces High 1.08 available for download. Snip:

Patch 7 is now available for download. This latest patch changes our minimum requirements to DirectX 8 instead of DirectX 7. If you receive a sound error trying to start Aces High after the patch, that means that you had DX7 installed and will have to upgrade to 8 or 8.1.
We are extremely sorry that those of you affected were not forewarned of this change. It was a miscommunication on our end and we sincerely hope that it doesn't cause much inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding.
For those who have never heard of the game, Aces High is a WW2 themed online war sim that allows players to "fly a multitude of aircraft types, players can also man vehicles, boats, amphibs, gun batteries, and ships." Also of note is that the game can now be ordered on CD.

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