Time To Update Your Rig?

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Subject: Time To Update Your Rig?

Although not quite game related, good news for those who've been thinking about upgrading their aging PC. According to C|Net, Intel and AMD have cut prices on their desktop CPUs between 14 and 19 percent. Which chips and how much? On Intel

This time, Intel's cuts take care of lower-priced systems. The largest change lowers the price of the 1.6GHz Pentium 4 by 18 percent, from $163 to $133. The 1.4GHz and 1.5GHz Pentium 4 also cost $133. The 1.6GHz chip now also costs less than all of Intel's desktop Pentium III processors up to 1.2GHz.

Intel also trimmed the prices of its Pentium 4 chips at 1.7GHz, 1.8GHz and 1.9GHz by between 12 percent and 16 percent. The new prices for those chips are $163, $193 and $214, respectively.
And with AMD:

The company dropped the 1900+ chip by 14 percent, from $269 to $231; the 1800+ by 16 percent, from $223 to $188; and the 1700+ by 17 percent, from $190 to $157. The largest price move, 19 percent, saw AMD lop the 1600+ chip from $160 to $130.

AMD also cut prices of its Duron chip by up to 17 percent. It dropped the price of the new 1.3GHz Duron by 13 percent from $118 to $103. The 1.2GHz Duron was pared by 14 percent from $103 to $89, with the 17 percent cut coming on the 1.1GHz, which dropped from $89 to $74. The 1GHz Duron dropped by 7 percent to $69.
Nothing like saving some hard earned jack!

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