Sally Struthers Gaming Degree

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Subject: Sally Struthers Gaming Degree

Ok, so it's not one of those cheesy tv commercials promising you a college degree through the mail. Actually, according to this article over at Adrenaline Vault, the University of Washington is going to be offering a Certificate Program in Game Development. Aspiring game developrs take note:

For the first time, the University of Washington is offering a Certificate Program in Game Development, designed to prepare computer programmers who know the C++ programming language to enter professional careers in this field. This 12-month evening program is designed to introduce students to the vocabulary, philosophy, and tools necessary to create computer and video games. There is a required classroom sequence of four noncredit courses, where each 30-hour course meets three hours per week for 10 weeks. 36 students are currently enrolled in this first iteration of the program.
I just hope the professionals teaching these courses can keep up-to-date, after all, the gaming biz is like everything else, constantly changing and improving.

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