ATI Radeon 8500 128MB

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Subject: ATI Radeon 8500 128MB

So, I was talking to Squirrel last night, and he was berating me for even considering one of the new GeForce 4's. He went on and on about the ATI Radeon 8500's and how they were heads and tails above the GeForces for price and quality. Well, for once he was right. The ATI Radeon 8500 is a sweet card, but the really exciting news is that come March, the 8500 gets a whole ass-load shot of adrenaline. Premiering in March, the new ATI Radeon 8500's and 8500LE's (The LE comes w/o flat panel display support) will be chocked full of 128 Megs of DDR RAM. So, not only will these cards have one of the best processors available, they will also have more on-board memory than my computer at work. Check out the stats and FAQ at ATI Technologies. And to top it off the FAQ says the MSRP for the 8500LE will be only $199.00, and only $299.00 for the 8500. I think this may be an Easter Present to myself.
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