Stronghold Cheats

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Subject: Stronghold Cheats

For the players of Firefly Studios' Stronhold who are looking to speed gameplay up, or maybe you've beaten the game and wanna do it again, but maybe a little easier this time, here's a few cheats that you can use to ensure your success:

To activate the cheat codes press the Shift, Alt, and A keys (all at the same time) while in the Main Menu.

While playing a mission, hold down the keys listed below to use the wanted cheat:
  • Alt, C - allows access to all missions at the selection screen when you choose campaign missions.
  • Alt, K - free building - no resources required.
  • Alt, X - 100 popularity and adds 1000 gold.
  • Not that I condone the use of cheats, but those that have not played the game in awhile may find renewed interest.

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