Tribes 2 Arena v1.0

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Tribes 2 Arena v1.0

Tribes 2 fans rejoice, there's actually a new mod out for you folks to load! (There are some who still play it arent' there?) Tribes 2 Arena 1.0 has been released. Described as a "last team standing" mod, version 1.0 offers all the following:

  • Support for maps with three or more teams
  • ArenaSupport script which adds an objective HUD displaying the current team scores
  • Tracking of player high scores by map
  • Easily accessible server preferences file
  • Remote administration commands through the player console
  • Automatically adjusting round limit and time limit
  • Automatic waypointing of the last remaining player
  • Team randomization between maps
  • Enhanced score HUD with player statistics
  • Support for C&H style switched bases with inventory stations
  • Grab your copy today while people still continue to support this game.

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