Adaptec's Serial ATA Controllers Announced

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Subject: Adaptec's Serial ATA Controllers Announced

Well, it's not really game related, but gamers alike should be excited by the this report of Adaptec's announcement reguarding their movement into the product of Serial ATA controllers. Serial ATA, at least as it appears on paper, should prove to be a great leap for IDE users. Here's a short snip:

The controller also features Adaptec's robust SCSI driver model to smooth the migration path from SCSI to Serial ATA, extend ATA scalability beyond four drives, deliver robust capabilities such as hot plug and hot swap, and leverage existing operating system infrastructures for faster time-to-market. The Serial ATA chip, which is compatible with add-in RAID controller cards for external storage subsystems, will serve as the foundation for a family of Adaptec full-featured PCI RAID products.
Serial ATA may finally break my SCSI craving of over 12 years (what can I say, I love having 12 HDDs chained off of one controller). Time will tell but it definately looks like a promising jump forward.

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