Counter-Strike v1.4

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Counter-Strike v1.4

According to Planet Half Life, the fine folks over at Valve are still working a new version of Counter-Strike (v1.4) which is supposedly going to be released very soon (no specific dates as of yet). The list of changes/fixes include:

  • Our instant messaging system, Tracker, is included in this release.
  • The first phase of Anti-Cheating is now implemented and integrated into CS 1.4.
  • A New Counter-Strike map "cs_havana" is included in this release.
  • The Hostage pathfinding improved in Counter-Strike.
  • Major structural overhaul of Steam backend for scalability.
  • An IM system built into the game? What for, to rub it in when you snuff someone?

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