Hitachi Goes Water-Cooled

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Subject: Hitachi Goes Water-Cooled

Anyone who's attended a LAN Party has probably seen a few PC's modded out the wazzu and equipped with a water-cooling setup. You've also probably seen some show up who prefer the ease of portability by bringing a laptop. Well, the fine folks at Hitachi have decided to combine the two technologies. That's right folks, Hitachi has developed a prototype notebook that uses a water-based solution to cool down its Pentium 4 processor. Best of all is that they are planning to commercialize the product for corporate users sometime in the third quarter of this year. It's a great idea, considering the extremely limited area laptops have to move head with the old air-cooled style setup they user currently, especially considering the heat today's CPUs throw out. Another advantage besides providing better CPU cooling is that you'll also have a quiter unit as well.

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