Fraps v1.7

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Subject: Fraps v1.7

Do you have a favorite OpenGL or DirectX game that doesn't have built-in support to show how many FPS you're pushing, but you'd realy like to know? Then go grab a copy of Fraps, a handly little framerate monitoring tool. Version 1.7 includes the following updates/fixes:

  • Fraps now draws the counter for all DirectX and OpenGL games using simple polygons to ensure minimal overhead. The performance hit of running Fraps with your game should be under 1% in all circumstances.
  • Because of the above change, some older games (DirectX7 or earlier) that used to crash now work fine.
  • Advanced options have been added. It is now possible to disable the hotkeys for Screen Capture and Manual Logging. This is useful if your game already uses these keys for another purpose.
  • For the hardcore benchmarkers there is now the option to save the framerate to file every second. The log starts as soon as the first frame is drawn, and ends when no frame has been rendered for 10 seconds. You can take the results and import them into a spreadsheet to calculate whatever distributions/variances you like.
  • You can get more information by visiting their FAQ Section.

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