C&C Renegade Patch

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: C&C Renegade Patch

Westwood's new C&C Renegade, new to store shelves, has a new patch available, bringing you up to version 1014. Weighing in at 4.3, the patch updates/resolves the following:

  • Multiplayer balance tweaking.
  • Improved Obelisk targeting.
  • Added GAMESPY support.
  • Added new "version mismatch error" display when trying to join a game server with a different version via GAMESPY.
  • Bug: Fixed the price of a being doubled in certain circumstances. The price will never be doubled.
  • Bug: Fixed the first person hands of a non-stealth soldier appearing to be stealthed under certain circumstances.
  • Bug: Fixed cost doubling not reflected properly when power plant is destroyed, after quitting and restarting a game.
  • Bug: Fixed the case where being shot while crouching and placing a beacon would stop you from re-spawning.
  • Bug: Fixed bug which allowed manipulating the hosting options to generate illegal combinations.
  • Bug: Fixed the situation where you destroy the airstrip while a vehicle is being delivered and the vehicle would be invisible.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.
  • Clan rankings are updated for buddies when "Refresh" is clicked.
  • Various additional modifications and bug fixes.
  • Various modifications and bug fixes.
  • Various modifications and bug fixes.
  • Addresses some lag issues.
  • Alternate languaged updates can be found here.

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