So. You wanna be a smuggler.

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Subject: So. You wanna be a smuggler.

Can you do it in Sony's upcoming Star Wars: Galaxies game? Let's take a peek at their FAQ, shall we?

4.30 Is there a smuggling profession?

Yes! This profession provides skills designed to help smugglers avoid detection of "illegal" materials by authorities. There are also skills that make players better at getting out of trouble once they are caught (something Han Solo didn't spend enough skill points on). In addition, the smuggling profession incorporates some slicing and combat skills.
Sounds like fun to me. On a related note, if you are interested in this game, you might wanna check out the April issue of Computer Gaming World. Okay, so it's a little ways off, but trust me, you'll wanna look at it. Looks like there will be some better options for battle than we are used to for a role playing game. "Okay, I slashed at you, now it's your turn."

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