Win some wireless 3D glasses!

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Subject: Win some wireless 3D glasses!

I saw some 3D glasses at a computer show one time. They seemed like they were pretty cool, if you wanted to shell out the cash for them. Now's your chance to get a pair for free! Check out the contest from SimHQ. For those of you that don't want to read all the way through their review of the glasses, here's the conclusion:

I have always felt that 3D glasses were a gimmick, a lot like Force Feedback. Neat idea, but does it really make things any better and it is worth the hassle? I think that in many applications, the answer to that question is now YES! There are a few games I would not bother using them on, but there are several that are reborn with their use. Much like the introduction of 3dfx's Voodoo 5 anti-aliasing, the eDimensional 3D glasses takes an existing technology and through a hardware enhancement, changes and greatly improves what you can expect from your visuals. At $69.95, this is a good "ask Santa" item.
Besides, what could it hurt? Free contest, right? Go get it done!

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