Q3A Rally

Posters Name: WaRMaN
Posters Email: warman@mwgl.org
Subject: Q3A Rally

Gentleman, start your engines! Q3 Rally released yesterday to a long awaiting community. The game features multiple modes of game play:

  • Racing modes (to include team)
  • Deathmatch mode (to include teams)
  • CTF
  • Derby!
  • The game has plenty of maps and custom cars to race with, and is surprisably customizable. The only problem noted is the sound problems. Most of the sounds do not work, but it doesn't stop the gameplay. You can play it on-line too, but there are some pretty big bugs lurking out there. Although there is no patch yet, I am sure there is one on the way. I would still recomend this MOD to prepare for the final product.

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