Operation Flash Point v1.46

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: Operation Flash Point v1.46

Well, looks like it didn't take long for Codemasters to release yet another patch. This 6.3MB file brings you up to version 1.46 and adds the following fixes/updates:

  • 1.46 - Fixed: Destroyed barrels and other empty objects are not reported in statistics nor added to score
  • 1.46 - Fixed: More ammo for Reammo Ural (same as for Reammo 5tTruck).
  • 1.46 - Fixed: Appropriate picture for Cessna.
  • 1.46 - Fixed: 8 men can be transported in Hind's cargo.
  • 1.46 - Fixed: Helicopter landing with keyboard impossible. When landing, helicopter stops hovering above the ground.
  • 1.46 - Fixed: Bug in HW T&L code: Material change was sometimes not recognized when polygons shared texture. This caused some trees were rendered darker.
  • 1.46 - Fixed: net.log file is not being created.
  • 1.46 - Fixed: Grid location in map one digit only in 1.45
  • As always, the full listing of updates/changes can be found here.

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