CS: Condition Zero

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Subject: CS: Condition Zero

Can it be? A first-person shooter that has a co-op mode?? I don't know how long I've been asking for this, but hopefully this will provide some satisfaction. Here's a snip from cscentral's preview.

You start off in CS: CZ with only a few weapons to choose from and with a team that has only a few skills, but as you accomplish more and more missions you get more money and you can buy better weapons and improve the skills of you and your team members which are controlled by the game's AI. I was actually never a fan of those games where I had to equip my own troops before a game, I wanted to go in right away and start fragging but Gearbox has made a very cool interface which makes it really easy and fast so this won't be a problem. You can also play through the single-player with your friends and as they take the position of the bot-controled team members (Co-Op mode). It is also possible to play it over the Internet so you don't need to be at a LAN.
All in all, it looks to be shaping up to be one rockin' game. If you haven't taken a look yet, go check out what Valve and Gearbox have to offer.
Source: Blue's News (http://www.bluesnews.com)

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