Grand Theft Auto 3 For PC

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Subject: Grand Theft Auto 3 For PC

For those who don't own a subscription to PC Gamer or just haven't gotten their April 2002 issue, they have a small blurb (page 27) on Grand Theft Auto 3 for the PC. Granted there's not alot new about it more than what is already known, but it at least confirms that the title will be released. Snip:

"Rockstar quietly let the world slip a few weeks ago that GTA III was coming to the PC. A key feature will be support for 16-person multiplay, and the PC version will also sport better textures at a much nicer resolution. The mouse/keyboard setup will be instantly familiar to third-person-action fans, too. We're definitely looking forward to this one."
Mmmmm, 16-person multiplayer, how sweet is that going to be!?

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