Creative Buys 3DLabs

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Subject: Creative Buys 3DLabs

The folks over at Creative Technologies Ltd. (the folks behind Sound Blaster, etc.) are apparently wanting to increase their marketshare in today's profit-shrinking market. According to this news release over at Yahoo, Creative is buying up graphics chip/card manufacturer 3DLabs. Snip:

Creative Technology Ltd. (Nasdaq: CREAF), the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for users of the personal computer and the Internet, today announced a definitive agreement under which Creative will acquire 3Dlabs Inc., Ltd. (Nasdaq: TDDD) for a combination of US$1.20 per share in cash and US$2.40 per share in Creative stock for each share of 3Dlabs.
Creative is noting that 3DLabs will continue to develop and support their line of OpenGL graphics adapters.

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