New Fan Technology From Y.S. Tech

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Subject: New Fan Technology From Y.S. Tech

The folks at Y.S. Tech (yes the fan manufacturer) have posted up little blurb about a new fan technology they are looking at introducing. The "motor" is in the outside casing of the fan and the tips of the fan blades are used to propel the fan with magnetic energy. How is this better than normal fans?:

It reduces 75% of traditional motor hub area. This revolutionary breakthrough not only increases 30% of airflow and static pressure, but also brings air stream directly to the centralized heat source. As a result, T.M.D. FAN improves the efficiency of heat dissipation at least 15%.
Case modders will probably find new and exciting ways to show off the new design as well. No news on when they may start releasing fans based on this, but with something that's so much more effecient, I can't image it will be too long.

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