LithTech Triton & Tron 2.0

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Subject: LithTech Triton & Tron 2.0

LithTech Inc. has announced their latest game engine titled LithTech Triton, which is being used by Disney Interactive to develop a game based on TRON 2.0. Snip:

The LithTech Triton System is the visual effects-heavy derivative of LithTech's leading-edge Jupiter system, the foundation for Computer Gaming World's 2001 Action Game of the Year, No One Lives Forever, and the highly anticipated sequel, No One Lives Forever 2.

By combining the enhanced rendering capabilities of Jupiter with unparalleled special effects, Triton promises to make TRON 2.0 one of the most visually stunning and innovative games of the year. Triton expands Jupiter's current functionality to include features like a third person camera perspective and a vehicle physics system used to create the exciting Light Cycle races in TRON 2.0. Developers can make use of defensive weapons that include blocking capabilities with shields, providing an extra layer of depth to game play. In addition, Triton provides developers with the option of utilizing a drag and drop inventory system. Those developers wanting to push the envelope with special FX like geometry outlining must take a look at Triton.
You can also read more about the new gaming engine over at LithTech's Official Homepage.

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