Pool of Radiance - Patch v1.4

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: Pool of Radiance - Patch v1.4

For those of you who didn't stop playing Stormfron Studios' Pools of Radiance within the first week of it's relesae like me (too many bugs for my taste), then you'll be happy to know that
they have release a new patch (ver 1.4, weighing in at 6.4MB for the English release). Updates and fixes to the new release include:

  • Beriand failing to heal parties after returning his staff.
  • A crash at the Trapfall area of the Glin Gardens.
  • Chests in Dwarven Dungeons opening and missing items.
  • Ancient Iron Key missing.
  • A few crashes in the Elven Catacombs.
  • May be worth a try now that the game is actually fairly stable. Worse case, if you loose your characters to yet another bug, there's plenty of "cheats" out there to get your characters back to where the once were.

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