EverQuest : The Planes of Power Q&A

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Subject: EverQuest : The Planes of Power Q&A

EverQuest fans alike have heard the rumors of the possible forthcoming expansion, The Planes of Power. The guys over at GameSpy have poosted an interview with SoE's Rod Humble which helps give players a bit of reassurance that the expansion is indead real. Though a lot of the details won't surface until next week when they are supposed to officially announce it, there's enough information to keep people talking until then. Snip

GameSpy: Regular players know that Planar zones are geared for the high-level players and guilds. What will The Planes of Power offer to the lower level players?

Rod Humble: The Planes of Power will have many upgrades for characters of all levels. For example, we will be announcing extra planar trade skills and many more features once we get a bit closer to launch.
Included in the interview are a few screenshots from some of the new creatures in the game.
Source: GameSpy (http://www.gamespy.com/)

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