DAoC Producer Notes

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Subject: DAoC Producer Notes

More MMORPG news, this time it comes from Mythic producer Matt Firor, who has posted another of his Dark Age of Camelot producer notes. Included in this latest update are screen shots showing off the new player housing, some of the new Albs armor types, and the new epic dungeons which will appear on the test servers sometime before next week. Here's a snip:

A huge new mid-to-high level dungeon will debut on Pendragon over the next week or so. This dungeon lets players explore the underworld - under all three Realms - that is populated by the dead souls of Hibernians, Britons, and Norse. It is overseen by many demons, evil imps, and many other hellish creatures. Entrance to this new dungeon - called Darkness Falls - will be restricted to one Realm at a time. We'll announce how access is controlled next week, but it will be based on RvR elements. Darkness Falls will have many new monster models, skins, and monster sounds, and it is huge.
If there's one thing DAoC has over Everquest, it's definately the graphics engine *drool*.

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