Jailbreak:Prisoners of War

Posters Name: WaRMaN
Posters Email: warman@mwgl.org
Subject: Jailbreak:Prisoners of War

Jailbreak: Prisoners of War has released map pack v1.4 to add the map count to 65! If you haven't played this team based MOD before, don't worry, they have a FULL download. It is quite hefty at 191 Mb, but well worth the wait. If you have the MOD, there's a patch at 71.5 Mb. Features:

  • 65+ maps for alot of level variation
  • 2 gameplay modes, regular JB PoW mode or instagib JB: PoW with instagib Gauntlet and gauntlet jumping
  • Clan Competition mode with extensive Referee abilities
  • Map Voting after each round
  • Team Spectating from jail
  • There's a list of servers running the MOD, and you might just see this MOD playing at a LAN near you :)

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