EVE Finds A Publisher

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: EVE Finds A Publisher

According to this post over at Gamespot, the folks behind EVE-Online have signed a deal with CCP to publish their upcoming MMO space game. Here's a snip on the game itself:

EVE: The Second Genesis, is a massively multiplayer, online, persistent world game. perhaps even too real to be called a game, but definitely more fun than reality. Played on the Net, it takes place in a world that is alive and kicking every day, every hour. Players are spaceship captains cruising around the universe, trading, fighting and communicating with other players. EVE is scheduled for a 2002 release.
Wanna know more? Head on over to their FAQ or check take in some screenshots. This could prove to be an interesting game, a mix of Wing Commander mixed with the ability to play against thousands of other online people (not some cheesy AI).

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