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The Half-Life Mod scene continues to strive, especially the ever-popular Day of Defeat. The folks over atRedphive have posted an interview with Matt "Mugsy" Boone, explaining some of the changes and enhancements to the upcoming v2.1 release. Snip snip:

There have been some significant changes made to some of the more popular maps in DoD 2.1, can you give us an idea as to what they are?

MB: While most of the changes are optimizations of textures and memory usages, there are some gameplay changes too.. Anzio is a big one, the town square flag and the bridge flag now require 2 people to capture them. Heutau was also a big fan request - now the spawn points move forward depending on who owns the central flag. There is a lot more action on this map now, and we've had some great matches. What else.. well there are a lot of little changes. But the big news is that the memory usage is lowered, so people don't get the slowdowns in certain areas that we were seeing before, and older machines can run the game properly.
It's amazing to see continued support for such an aging graphics engine, especially when compared to the Quake III, Unreal or LithTech engine.
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