Codemasters To Do Columbian Crackdown?

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Subject: Codemasters To Do Columbian Crackdown?

When I first heard about this new title from Codemasters yesterday, I imagine that I wasn't the only one thinking "April Fools". Well, apparently the joke is on everyone because it appears that Codemasters IS going to be producing a new game titled Shoot to Kill: Columbian Crackdown. Snip:

Shoot to Kill: Colombian Crackdown has a deep and gripping plot of deception, betrayal and revenge, coupled with intense and refined gameplay. With a modern-day setting, the game plunges players deep into Colombia’s drug underworld as Drug Enforcement Administration Officers. The experience charges players with uncovering and bringing to justice, individuals and gangs involved in the trade and trafficking of cocaine.
Somehow I think this may cause a ruckus from activists groups who are already saying games are too violent and wanting government intervention. IMHO I think this is a pretty pathetic way to try and gain sells in an already crowded market (FPS).

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