Toe Jam & Earl 3 To Go Xbox Only

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Subject: Toe Jam & Earl 3 To Go Xbox Only

Fans of Sega's popular Toe Jame & Earl title of games may, or may not, be happy to know that Sega of America has officially revealed that the Toe Jam & Earl 3 is being produced. The downside? It's going to premiere exclusively (i.e. No PC/PS2 version) for the Microsoft Xbox system. Snip from Gaming Age:

Featuring off the wall, "just-for-the-funk-of-it" humor with a hip urban twist, "ToeJam & Earl III" delivers nonstop challenge and reward through mini-games, rhythmic Boss Battles, and unlockable areas and abilities. An open-ended game structure offers players a high degree of freedom with endless choices, and game levels are randomly generated so every play experience, in each of the many environments, is fresh and new. Funky music, rich character dialog and jaw-dropping graphics stimulate the senses throughout the game. Players can play alone, or use the dynamically splitting screen to play with a friend to double-team the clueless Earthlings in cooperative play.
They've also included 5 screenshots of the upcoming title. IGN Xbox is also featuring news of this recent announcement.

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