Dungeon Seige Goes Gold

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Subject: Dungeon Seige Goes Gold

Dungeon Siege, the action/RPG game from the creator of Total Annihilation, has already gone gold and should be hitting store shelves anytime this week.

I know I speak for all (or at least most)of the diehard Diablo fans in the group, when I say this game looks kick ass. The scheduled arrival date is this Friday, April 5th. However, since I believe Best Buy gets their shipments in on Thursday, some lucky folks might be able to get it as early as Thursday night. When you get it, let the others here know. Maybe we can get in some Dungeon crawling action this weekend. (Rikus - MoJo - Squirre1: call me so we can do some monster slaying).

If you haven't taken a look at the screenshots or the gameplay action, head over to Planet Dungeon Siege for more information. Especially check out the "Pack Mule" character. It let's you haul three times the normal amount of booty from the areas you clear out.

And for all of you MOD and Level creators out there. You won't find a cooler, more customizable game on the market. Create some cool dungeons for your friends to die in. Oh, and when you do, let us know so we can try them out too. If we get enough user created dungeons, maybe Squirre1 can free up some hard drive space here on the site, so everyone can try them out.

See you all this weekend in the Dungeons.
Source: Planet Dungeon Sige (http://www.planetdungeonsiege.com)

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