Age of Mythology

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Subject: Age of Mythology

Slated for release in September, Age of Mythology (the next part of the AoE series) is nearing completion. It includes everyone's favorite Greek, Egyptian, and Nordic cultures. According to GameSpot:

"The Norse culture in Age of Mythology is very different from the Greeks or Egyptians, and the greatest departure among the three from the gameplay of Age of Empires. Of course, they have unique units, mythological creatures, god powers, and improvements. But that's to be expected. What's more surprising is that they actually gather resources and build structures a little differently. The way in which they earn favor is also a big change from the other cultures. The Norse's theme is one of expansion and aggression. And much of their gameplay style, from units to infrastructure to favor gathering, is geared toward overrunning the map with units and staking claim to territory with rapidly expanding buildings."

Sounds good to me. Look for a demo in another few months. The pictures look awesome, and for never playing any Age of Empires style games, I may have to give this one a try.

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