Steam/CS 1.4 4/12 release

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Subject: Steam/CS 1.4 4/12 release

Steam has made another release in their attempts to make CS 1.4 bugger free. The changelist is as follows:

Fixed Steam UserID output: "Steam_<#>:<#>"
Reworked "banid", "listid", "writeid", and "removeid" to work with new Steam UserID format, including accepting the new format as a parameter for "banid" and "removeid".
Tweaked output from "status" and "stat" commands to support new Steam UserID format.
Fixed problem with not being able to start "secure" dedicated servers from the launcher.
Fixed problem with mouse/keyboard input.
Fixed bug in view angle of first person spec mode.
Smoothed weapon model bobbing in first person spec mode.
Fixed ammo count on the client not matching the server.

They had made an earlier release with the following HUGE change :P
Hostage auto-follow behavior rolled back to the same as 1.3

Yea they are REALLY winding down now. If you haven't picked up Steam yet, do so.
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