Dungeon Siege Tools

Posters Name: Anthos
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Subject: Dungeon Siege Tools

Dan, over at Game-Editing, has created yet another tool for DS modders. This time it's a "raw-to-psd" tool. This little beauty will take extracted "raw" image files in the tank files and convert them to psd PhotoShop images. Elrond has also created a gui front end for this little proggy. Check out the post in Dan's nice new forums.

Another great tool for DS modders has been announced over at Game-Editing. This one will parse a .gas file and display all the templates that it contains. Written by Brian, this is a tool that everyone who is interested in creating DS mods should have. Check out the full story on this little jewel over in the Game-Editing forums. Just a short note on that one....item editing....check it out.
Source: The Land of Dungeon Siege (http://www.thelandofds.com/)

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