Google + Comcast = Banned??

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Subject: Google + Comcast = Banned??

Wow! Here's some interesting news. Not exactly gaming related, but certainly relevant to all those that surf online and use the best search engine out there (Google). Here's a snip telling you what it's about:

This month, about 100 Comcast subscribers were temporarily shut out of Google when the search company charged the high-speed Internet access provider with hosting some accounts that had abused its terms of service by performing "automated queries." The crackdown cut a wide swath, taking out a block of IP addresses, shutting down the guilty and innocent alike.
It's a bit of a read, but well written and worth the time, I think. Check out the full story, right here. Also, if you would like to express an opinion, you can post your comments here and/or join the debate over at House of Help.
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