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Here's a lengthy interview that just chock-full of information for all you Dungeon Siege fans. This bit talks about the new editing tools coming out:

BJ: Let's talk about expanding the entertainment of your game with editing tools.

CT: We're providing a lot of development tools [to the mod community]. The single biggest tool is our Siege Editor; it's the thing takes all our content and puts it all together. We've built the engine so that you can create new AI, create new special effects, new spells, anything that the game has in it, all the way up to, but not including the creation of new art assets, which is new monsters and characters. Discreet has created a program called Gmax, so what we've done is create something called "Siege Max." Siege Max is basically 3D Studio where you can only export in a certain game format, our Dungeon Siege format. People will be able to create new monsters, new armor, new shields, weapons, boots, helms, et cetera...terrain. And they've got the full suite. They can build anything they want.
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