CS 1.4/HL Changelog

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Subject: CS 1.4/HL Changelog

With the imminent release day for CS1.4 and the HL update, I thought I'd supply a fairly lengthy changelog for you all to view while you were waiting. You can find out about all the goods by clicking on the Read More link below.
Source: CSNation (http://csnation.counter-strike.net)

Full Story:
Oh and sorry for the absense, me=was busy. Can I get a w00t w00t for cs 1.4?

Added Anti-Cheat protection
User Interface redone for HLTV
Dedicated servers (Win32 + Linux) now default to 32MB heapsize.
Improved dedicated server FPS (sys_ticrate) accuracy in Windows NT/2K/XP and Linux.
New map cs_havana
New map de_chateau
Updated version of map de_train
Enhanced in-game spectator mode to include HLTV features
Added new first-person mode to spectator modes
Speaking players flash in team members' radars
Dead bodies remain on the ground for the entire round
Dropped bomb blinks red in Terrorist team's radar
Changed so only Terrorists are notified when the bomb is dropped or picked up
Changed so players must stand still when planting the bomb (including no jumping)
Changed so players can't move or shoot while defusing the bomb
Adjusted pistol accuracy while jumping (all pistols)
Adjusted player jumping values to minimize bunny hopping
Changed so the VIP can't drop any weapons
If player dies, view zooms away from falling body while changing the angle to show the killer
Changed color of the words 'BOMB' and 'VIP' in the scoreboard to make them more visible
Changed so name changes for dead players are stored and processed when the players respawn back into the world
Changed the way "kevlar" and "kevlar/helmet" work using the buy menus...made them work together
Added a sound when "kevlar" and "kevlar/helmet" are purchased
Removed players hearing enemy radio calls
Added code to force "sv_clienttrace 1" on the server
Changed so when someone mutes a player (in the scoreboard), they will no longer see that player's in-game text messages either
Added cheering to HLTV.
Steam beta clients and non-Steam clients can play together on the same server now
Voice communication uses DirectSound by default now
Added player ID to Half-Life DM
Added chat flood protection to HLDM.
Added logging of fatal Sys_Error server shutdowns
Renamed setinfo items "ah" and "vgui_menus" to "_ah" and "_vgui_menus"
Added new setinfo item "_cl_autowepswitch" (default: 1) which controls whether or not a client switches to picked up weapons (if they're more powerful)

"mp_kickpercent" sets the percentage of teammates it takes to vote off a player maximum: 1.0 minimum: 0.0 default: 0.66
"sv_restart" acts exactly the same as "sv_restartround"
"sv_send_logos" when "sv_allowdownloads" is set to 1, this cvar will control whether custom logos are propagated to clients default: 1
"sv_send_resources" when "sv_allowdownloads" is set to 1, this cvar will control whether resources are propagated to clients default: 1
"cl_corpsestay" client-side cvar to set the amount of time (in seconds) dead bodies will stay before sinking into the ground. Dead bodies are cleared at the beginning of each round. default: 600
"cl_righthand" client-side cvar to toggle using the right and left hand view-models default: 1
"cl_minmodels" client-side cvar so clients can play using the minimum model set: leet.mdl, gign.mdl, and vip.mdl default: 0

Bug Fixes:
Smoke grenade fix
Radio command fix
Fixed duplicate HUD weapon sprite bug
Fixed footstep sounds to correctly play when not walking (fixes fastwalk cheats)
Fixed uneven movement rate when moving through water
Fixed server locking up at end of round when a lot of grenades are in play
Fixed several ammo inconsistencies between weapons that share ammo types
Fixed a T as CT skin bug
Fixed bug with "kevlar/helmet" where players could buy it again at the beginning of each round even if they didn't need it
Fixed some view_model animation bugs
Fixed 'use' key causing an instant player stop with no deceleration
Fixed bogus SAVE directory being created when you ran Half-Life.
Fixed filter logic in the launcher.
Fixed bug where clients couldn't connect to server side only MODs.
Fixed bug where you could "kill" the HLTV entity in Half-Life DM.
Fixed AddIP command.
Fixed crash when a func_breakable triggers a trigger_counter.
Fixed Egon gun beam problem in Half-Life DM.
Fixed Tau cannon prediction problem.
Fixed fog messing Additive sprites.
Fixed Alien Grunts not making any attack sounds.
Fixed Egon's beam looking yellow in sofware mode.
Removed "friends" connectionless packet query.
Fixed "bad address type" fatal server error (caused by clients with long names).
Fixed "condump" so the output won't overwrite previous files.
Fixed "cvarlist" so the output won't overwrite previous files.
Fixed rcon_port and rcon_address so they can be set manually by the player to rcon a server.
Fixed server shutdowns related to using bots.
Fixed "vote" and "votemap" commands to work correctly
Fixed bug where clients would try to change their name while dead and then couldn't change it when they respawned.

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