Neverwinter Nights Beta

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Subject: Neverwinter Nights Beta

For you RPG nerds, yes all of you, the long awaited game that will keep you indoors and the girls outdoors is about to release a beta for you to try! Now I know this is coming to you early and you probably just did a reverse backflip in delight, however before you sprain something check out this tidbit from Gamespot:

BioWare and Infogrames have announced the upcoming limited beta test of Neverwinter Nights, their upcoming Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The companies are now accepting applications for the beta test, and they will select new testers every week in a rolling acceptance process. The first group of beta test discs will be sent out in early May. To sign up for the beta test, visit and complete the registration process.
Psst, what are you waiting for? Btw, I didn't say "reverse backflip" the first time, I had to change it to that to make it more "family oriented". I'm bad.

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