CS 1.4 and HL Server Files Released

Posters Name: Curve
Posters Email: JMossie@mwgl.org
Subject: CS 1.4 and HL Server Files Released

It's the moment we have all been waiting for folks (well the sweet sweet prelude anyway)! The CS 1.4 and HL server files have been released and are ready for download. So admins, listen up and get to downloading!

Couter-Strike files:
Counter-Strike 1.3 - 1.4 Linux Server Patch (24.4Mb)
Counter-Strike 1.4 Full Linux Server Installation (102.5Mb)

Half-Life files:
Windows - Server Patch (9.8Mb)
Windows Full Server Installation (111.4Mb)

Linux - Server Patch (8.7Mb)
Linux Full Server Installation (111.1Mb)

I'm sure squirrely will get these files up in our downloads section in due time, however in the meantime grab them from FilePlanet.

Client releases are due out tommorow around 11am PST (That's 1pm CST and 2pm EST).

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