CS 1.4 & HL Client Side Files Released

Posters Name: Curve
Posters Email: JMossie@mwgl.org
Subject: CS 1.4 & HL Client Side Files Released

We are as of now still waiting for the CS 1.4 MOD FILES to be released, however CS 1.4 retail and the HL Patches/Full Installs are out. Players, get to downloading and get to practicing because Curvie = beating you at the next LAN :). Check out the following and as always, we will get mirrors on our own MwGL server in due time.

Half-Life files: - Update Full Installation

Counter-Strike (RETAIL) files: - Update Full Installation

These are as per usual FilePlanet mirrors. If you are looking for a bigger list of mirrors go to CSNation. And as always, we will keep you updated when the CS MOD files are released.

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