GTA III May 21st

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Subject: GTA III May 21st

The good news? The awaited PC port of GTA III will be available May 21st, 2002. The bad news? As of right now there does not seem to be multiplayer support. Let's hope Rockstar realizes their success came from their amazing multiplayer gaming suppot through their previous releases GTA and GTA2. However, this PC release is still being looked forward to and hopefully a multiplayer patch is already in the works. If you've played the PS2 version of GTA3 you are well aware of the nice visulas and fun gameplay. The PC release offers the following:

Enhanced Visuals
Skinnable characters (upload your mug and place it on your character)
Enhanced sound for that "in-depth" feel.
Check out more via the Rockstar website on their new mini PC release site.

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