EverQuest 2 Interview

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Subject: EverQuest 2 Interview

Alot of you have probably heard the rumors, and maybe even seen a few of the screenshots floating around of Sony Online's upcoming EverQuest II (EverCrack to those who have ever started playing the game). Well, the fine folks at GameSpot has a lengthy interview with Bill Trost, Lead Designer for the upcoming title. Word:

GS: EverQuest has always been a very time-consuming game, which is part of what makes it very intimidating for a lot of new players. The sequel will undoubtedly try to appeal to hard-core EverQuest fans, but what will it do to make the online role-playing experience more accessible to new players?

BT: We are taking quite a few steps to minimize "downtime" and to ensure that however long players have, they are capable of jumping in the game and making measurable progress. I really do not want to get into the specifics of that at this time but players should rest assured that the design team has been paying attention for the last three years, and we think we have figured some things out. While time will still be the most measurable investment a player will be asked to make in EverQuest II, we feel it is not in anyone's best interest for the game systems to demand long consecutive hours of play.
Some of the concepts/ideas aren't groundbreaking, but being that EverQuest has been around for over three years now, they must know how to do a few things right.
Source: GameSpot (http://gamespot.com/)

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