FLF 1.5a Talk

Posters Name: Curve
Posters Email: JMossie@mwgl.org
Subject: FLF 1.5a Talk

Was reading over at Planet Half-Life when I came across news of Front Line Force's latest "in the works" Here's a sample of what to expect in the next release:

  • Hitbox fixes (wow! they're perfect!)
  • MSG-90's damage has been increased
  • SAKO now does damage in accordance with how many teammates are near you - .667x of it's base damage with 0 teammates to 1.5x with 3 teammates
  • Shotguns will be slightly "off center" (the center of the spread will be off center) while running, and more off center while jumping
  • New teamicons
  • Key-cap gameplay HUD elements (make it easier to see what's going on)
  • New polished up versions of flf_sogem, flf_ebonysword
  • Go read more at the Front Line Force website.
    Source: Planet Half-Life (http://www.planethalflife.com)

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