Tribes 2 PS2 Interview

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Subject: Tribes 2 PS2 Interview

In preparation for the upcoming release of Tribes 2 for the PS2, HomeLan has posted an interview with Chris Mahnken of Inevitable Entertainment. Word:

HomeLAN - How easy will the game be handled by the player using the standard PS2 controller?

Chris Mahnken - A lot of work has gone into making the game easy to pick up and control. That said, you’re going to look like a drunk for at least the first 30 seconds if you’ve never played a shooter on a console before. If you’ve played Half-Life or Goldeneye before you should pick it up quite quickly. We have some aids to help with aim that you can turn on or off. Servers can be configured to allow or prohibit the playing aids.
It's a shame that this title may not do well for the PS2 in sales though, after all, the PC release was so chock full of bugs, who'd trust another release?

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